Kevin Harlan, San Francisco 49ers, St. Louis Rams

The NFL needed a spark last night. With Case Keenum's Rams and Blaine Gabbert's 49ers stumbling to a Week 1 finish, the energy level was low in Santa Clara.

Enter Kevin Harlan.

When a fan ran on to the field in the fourth quarter, TV cameras moved out of the intruder's direction. On Westwood One's radio call, Harlan, on play-by-play chose to broadcast the fan's endeavor. Fox Sports' Dieter Kurtenbach mixed Westwood One's audio with the TV broadcast:

Ben Koo of The Comeback transcribed Harlan's Hall of Fame call:

"Hey somebody has run out on the field! Some goofball in a hat, and a red shirt! Now he takes off the shirt! He's running down the middle by the 50! He's at the 30! He's bare-chested, banging his chest! Now he runs the opposite way! He runs to the 50! He runs to the 40! The guy is drunk, but there he goes! The 20! They're chasing him; they're not gonna get him! Waving his arms! Bare-chested! Somebody stop that man! Oh they got him; they're coming from the left! Oh and they tackle him at the 40-yard line! That was the most exciting thing that happened tonight."

The 49ers won the game, 28-0, although considering the low level of play all-around, the Bay Area has little to get excited about.

Except for Harlan. Everyone should get excited about Kevin Harlan. We knew he was good, but on Monday night, he reminded us just how lucky we are to have him calling sporting events.

NBA fans know their time is near. NBA 2K17 hits stores next week, with Harlan on the call for the 12th straight edition.

Long live radio.

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