Kelvin Beachum

Kelvin Beachum spent his fall blocking. The 27-year-old Jaguars offensive tackle completed his fifth NFL season in 2016.

When the year was over, it was time to build.

Beachum appeared on a Jan. 24 episode of HGTV's Fixer Upper, where he and hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines renovated his parents' home in Mexia, Texas.

"For me, making my mother cry is always special," Beachum says. "Sometimes, we as kids and young people can do it for the wrong reasons. I think this time was one of the times I was able to do it for the right reasons."

Beachum says he met with the Gaines couple before supplies were purchased, but the hosts made some final creative decisions. Upon seeing the final product, Beachum admits he was surprised and thought it looked amazing despite it being somewhat out of his control.

Rather than buy a new house for his parents, Kelvin and Culetta, Beachum felt it was important to expand their residence, which was around before he made it in the NFL.

"They have enough room for all their grandkids," he says. "That was the major reason for the upgrade and a bigger house and a need for the renovation ... when all the kids come into town. Me, my brother, my sisters and the three grandchildren that they have, that everyone can have enough room to sleep comfortably instead of the old house we had. We only had two rooms, both of them had bunk beds in them. Now, I'm a married man. I can't take my wife and have her sleep in a twin bunk bed. I'm too big for that. And as more kids come into the family, we'll have more room. Instead of staying in hotels, my dad was really adamant about getting a bigger house and we were able to do so."

Beachum contributed his own money to the renovation, a gesture he had been waiting a long time to complete.

"A lot of people think when you get in the National Football League, the first thing you do is buy your parents a house," he says. "I wasn't in that position from a financial standpoint to even put that type of money toward that. This is a process I'd been thinking about for years. I was able to play five years before. I was able to get that financial security to be able to put out $100,000 just for this specific process."

Beachum appeared on ThePostGame Podcast With Jeff Eisenband from radio row at Super Bowl LI in Houston. He is slotted to enter the second year of a five-year, $45 million contract with the Jaguars, but it's the team's option this offseason to pick it up, and Beachum isn't sure that's going to happen.

"I have not heard from Coach [Doug] Marrone, I have not heard from Tom Coughlin, I have not heard from the Jacksonville Jaguars," he says.

But in the meantime, he can embrace the fact that he just helped his parents upgrade their home, and being able to sleep in a regular-sized bed is a nice touch too.

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