DeVonte Wilson Demonstrates Stability Squats

Is it better for an athlete to build balance or raw power?

According to Kansas sophomore Devonte Wilson, the answer is "Why not both?"

In this video posted to Wilson's Instagram account on Thursday, he bucks all previously established conventions of weightlifting, knocking out some squats with a 45-pound plate – while standing on nothing but stacks of dumbbells:

Unquestionably a ridiculous feat, but this is nothing new for Wilson, who has spent the last two years as an absolute workout warrior, as evidenced in this 2015 CollegeSpun feature.

Wilson is actually not a member of the Kansas football team. He attempted to walk on during the Jayhawks' 2015 spring practices but didn't make the cut.

Wilson is still interested in walking on to some college football program, as shown by this video feature posted to YouTube last week in which he promotes himself as the "Unrecruited Athlete."

And if one thing's clear from his ridiculous Instagram page, he has the work ethic to get it done.

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