Justin Tuck has had nice things. The former NFL defensive end won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants, both times upsetting the favored New England Patriots. And both times, in Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI, a miraculous catch occurred during the Giants' final offensive drives.

Tuck had a front row seat each time. So which was the better catch?

"I think they're both 10s," Tuck says. "I would say the better throw was Manningham's. I can't escape that question by answering that way?"


"The better catch? I got to go with Tyree. I think the fact that he was able to trap that ball on his helmet while having Rodney Harrison draped all over him and hold it on top of his helmet as he kept it off the ground while falling on top of somebody, that's one of the more, if not the most iconic Super Bowl plays ever."

Perhaps because the Tyree catch came first -- and prevented a perfect season -- it has overshadowed the Manningham catch, which was a longer play with more precision.

Tuck has his own theory: Eli Manning's accuracy made the play easier than it looked.

"What defeats Manningham's catch is just how perfect the throw was," Tuck says. "Obviously, Manningham getting his feet in and so forth was tremendous, but I thought my grandma could have caught that pass because it was like, you didn't have any choice. He literally shot a rifle into his pec, into his arm.

For Tyree and Manningham, these were their Giants moments. Tyree suffered a knee injury in training camp the following summer and never caught another NFL pass. He is currently the Giants' director of player development.

Manningham signed with the 49ers in the offseason after his catch and battled injuries for two seasons. He returned to the Giants in 2014, but like Tyree, an injury led to his being cut by New York. Manningham has not caught a pass since 2013.

Tuck, of course, played 11 NFL seasons -- nine with the Giants -- and along with winning two Super Bowls, he made a first-team All-Pro and is in the Giants Ring of Honor. Tuck had two sacks of Tom Brady in both Super Bowls.

Tuck spoke to ThePostGame earlier this NFL season on behalf of DraftKings.

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