Former UCLA coach Jim Mora appeared Tuesday on The Dan Patrick Show to defend comments he had made about quarterback Josh Rosen in advance of the NFL draft.

"Things can be misrepresented at times when people decide to edit it a certain way," said Mora, who stressed that his remarks were all "complimentary" and "positive."

UCLA QB Josh Rosen

Here are some comments about Rosen from Jedd Fisch, who replaced Mora on an interim basis near the end of the 2017 season. There is no doubting that these thoughts reflect Rosen in a favorable light as Fisch responded to the question of what Rosen improved on the most in the final season with the Bruins.

"I would say probably poise when things weren't going as well as he would have liked them to," said Fisch, who left Michigan after the 2016 season to become UCLA's offensive coordinator. "How to handle pressure in the pocket. How to handle an NFL offense, a system where you're really asked to make the throws as you're asked to make on Sunday, you're asked to make the same reads as you're asked to make on Sunday.

"Where his growth and evolution came is as the season went on, even though we had an incredible game against A&M in that second half, as the season went on, if you watched all of his throws, they continued to improve and he continued to kind of master what we were trying to get done."

After UCLA hired Chip Kelly as Mora's replacement, Fisch joined the Los Angeles Rams as a senior offensive assistant coach.

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