Jordan Spieth Embraces Fans

Jordan Spieth may not legally be a kid anymore, but the 22-year-old superstar is still looking out for youngters' interests.

Before Spieth attempts to defend his 2015 U.S. Open title this weekend, the two-time major champion took some time to discuss general golf course etiquette, and one message was clear: If any adult fans try to box out innocent children in an effort to get Spieth's John Hancock, the pushy grownups won't be rewarded.

Kids Wait For Jordan Spieth

"There was a little kid with sunglasses who looked kind of smooshed," Spieth told, referencing an incident he witnessed while practicing at the Oakmont Country Club on Monday.

"He was taking it like a champ, though. He was still smiling and holding out his flag. But I got his flag and said to the guys that were [smooshing] him, which happened to be eBayers, sellers, professionals. So it was pretty easy for me to tell them, 'No, you smoosh a kid, I'm not signing for you. I'm going to go sign for the next person over here.' It's nice to have an excuse not to have to sign for the sellers because we don't enjoy doing that."

It was refreshing that Spieth did not mince words about those who solely look to secure autographs for financial purposes. And while the presence of such phony fans is irksome enough, Spieth has made it known that getting physical with younger fans crosses the line even further.

If he does repeat last year's performance – in which he became the youngest U.S. Open champion since then-21-year-old Bobby Jones in 1923 – he might come across numerous such instances this weekend. But perhaps his warning will have an effect. Spieth, currently the world's second ranked golfer behind Jason Day, will begin competition at Oakmont on Thursday.

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