Jon Dorenbos

Jon Dorenbos played in his first Super Bowl on Tuesday night. Well ... Super Bowl of reality TV.

Dorenbos, who has captivated America's heart as a magician this summer, performed on the season finale of America's Got Talent. Just two days after the Eagles' Pro Bowl long snapper was part of a 29-10 victory over the Browns, which included an appearance from Vice President Joe Biden and the debut of rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, Dorenbos brought his act to live television one more time.

Dorenbos' card trick involved him pulling out cards with each of judges' names (and Simon Cowell's son's name, Eric) scribed onto cards. Dorenbos also had "Eric" written on a blackboard.

More impressive was Dorenbos' storytelling. With The Script's "Hall of Fame" in the background, Dorenbos dished inspiration to the crowd.

"This is life!" he said, pointing at a spread-out deck of cards. "When everything is going so perfect, and yet, tragedy and chaos, they strike us when we least expect it. And it's what we all have in common. We all face this. But I think the difference is do we decide and do we choose to live in vision or do we live in circumstance? And I don't know about you guys, but I wake up every single morning and I choose to lose in vision to find happiness, knowing that life will work itself out, and we will find ourselves."

Dorenbos' story goes well beyond football. When he was 12, his father, Alan, killed his mother, Kathy, with a bench grinder. Dorenbos' aunt and uncle, on his mother's side, won custody of him and his sister Krissy. Dorenbos used magic, along with football, as an outlet for his tragic teenage years.

Voting is now closed, but the Eagles did their best to help their guy out.

Dorenbos also got a high-profile endorsement from a rival:

The winner of the 11th season of America's Got Talent will be announced Wednesday. After that, Dorenbos will be back in Philly, attempting to lead the Eagles to the America's Got Talent finale of football, also known as the Super Bowl, in February.

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