During its five-year run in the 80s, The Baseball Bunch made lasting impressions on countless youths who were developing a love for the game. With tips from some of the biggest MLB stars, the show struck a terrific balance between having fun and mastering fundamentals. Bucky Dent demonstrating how to use shaving cream to break in a new glove? It didn't get much better than that.

The star was Johnny Bench, the Hall of Fame catcher for the Reds who was still an active player during the first three seasons of the show.

In addition to the instructional aspects, the show featured comedic contributions from the Famous Chicken mascot and Tommy Lasorda as the Dugout Wizard, whose garb included a turban. Bench mentions both when asked about his best memory from the show, but says the ultimate was the time that Red Sox icon Ted Williams was the guest. Check out Bench's recollections in the video above.