Joe Resnick

If you're a sports fan, the odds are pretty good that you've read one of Joe Resnick's stories. Resnick has written about the Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Ducks and other Southern California teams thousands of times during the past 32 years as an Associated Press reporter based in Los Angeles.

Resnick was never the biggest star in the press box, but his presence and professionalism were respected and appreciated by peers in the media and the athletes and coaches that he covered. That is why the GoFundMe campaign, created by his friends in the sportswriting community after Resnick was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, has gotten such tremendous response.

Resnick had no health insurance, and his medical bills were burying him. He needed help. As longtime L.A. sportswriter Steve Dilbeck wrote on the GoFundMe page ...

"But now there is no income, just a Social Security check that's about half what you would expect. He's lived in the same Downey apartment complex for 30-plus years, his walls covered with photos taken with sports figures he's met over the years on both coasts and credentials depicting the numerous events he has covered from the World Series to Super Bowls to Stanley Cup Finals and NBA Finals along with memorabilia from his long career.

"He's too weak to drive and only leaves his unit for doctor visits. His sarcasm is left for phone calls or the rare visit."

The good news is that the initial goal of raising $20,000 has already been exceeded.

Then Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke, better known nationally for his contributions to ESPN's "Around The Horn," wrote a touching salute to Resnick, triggering another wave of donations.

So even if Joe Resnick is a total stranger to you, consider throwing a few bucks his way after all these years you've been reading his stuff. Click donate to contribute.