Jim Kelly, Joe Namath

The Bills and Jets sent out their superstar quarterbacks for Thursday Night Football. No, not for the game. Not Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Fitzpatrick. We're talking about Jim Kelly and Joe Namath.

Before Thursday's 37-31 Jets win, CBS Sports ran a promo with the two Hall of Fame quarterbacks trash talking each other's teams. Namath calls from the golf course to tell Kelly, who is hunting, that he missed a putt wide right. Namath also taunts Kelly for the Bills missing the playoffs 16 straight seasons.

Kelly counters by reminding Namath that the Bills eliminated the Jets from the postseason in Week 17 last year. Namath responds, "But at least we were in the hunt."

By far the best moment comes when Namath says, "Say it with me, Jim: J-E-T-S…"

And Kelly cuts him off: "Stink, stink, stink, old man."

Kelly uses his four straight Super Bowl appearances to gain an upper-hand, but Namath mentions actually winning the Super Bowl in his one trip to the big show.

Daughters of both players and Kevin James also appear in the skit that surprisingly gave Jets-Bills a bit of a playoff atmosphere. That's a feeling Rex Ryan hasn't experienced since 2010.

In Foxborough, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick giggled at people taking a Bills-Jets game seriously.

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