Irish, Swedish Fans Sing Dancing Queen

The Euro 2016 soccer tournament has been marred by unruly fan behavior, with English and Russian fans in deep trouble for a series of violent acts after those two teams' 1-1 draw Saturday.

But thanks to the efforts of a group of Irish and Swedish fans, it's clear that not all European soccer fans turn their passion into mischief.

The two teams faced off against one another in the opening match of the tournament's group stage, but the emotions surrounding the match were restrained to strictly good vibes. As this video, courtesy of the YouTube channel "LIVE Football," shows, fans of the opposing teams joined together pre-game to sing the famous ABBA song "Dancing Queen."

Sports have the ability to bring people together as easily as they can incite conflict, and Ireland and Sweden deserve credit for displaying this on the big stage.

In an ending perhaps fitting to the pre-game festivities, Ireland and Sweden proceeded to tie their match 1-1, putting both teams at one point after their opening matches. The two teams are currently tied for second place – the last automatic qualifying spot for the knockout stage of the tournament – behind Italy (1-0-0) in Group E.

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