You may think the “Most Interesting Man ...” fad is tired. Normally, we’d agree. But as far as All Star campaigns go, it doesn’t get much better than this. Besides, have you ever tried to beat a 3-year-old in a staring contest? It’s borderline impossible. The sky hook is a joke by comparison. ThePostGame spoke with Rudy Gay on the day his campaign video dropped.

First, the spot:

TPG: So this video was your idea?

Gay: I was always a big fan of those Dos Equis ads. I wanted to spoof that commercial. It took a whole day, after practice. We started at 2 and were done at about 11.

TPG: How’d you pay the kid? Cookies? Pizza? Elmo videos?

Gay: He was pretty good. Actually we wanted to use his little brother, but he was crying too much.

TPG: That must have been tough –- winning that contest.

Gay: My focus is way better than the kid’s.

TPG: Now you’re trash-talking a 3-year-old.

Gay: Yeah, of course.

TPG: Any talents we may have missed -– in case we blinked?

Gay: I wash my hands before I use the bathroom. Maybe that’ll be in the Director’s Cut.

TPG: Are you the most interesting person from Baltimore? That puts you ahead of Michael Phelps.

Gay: Uh, he’s pretty interesting. Other than him, I’m a close second.

TPG: Know who’s interesting? The ladies in that video. Who are they?

Gay: A couple of the guys from the team’s girlfriends. And mine.

TPG: Which is yours?

Gay: I’ll let you think about that.

TPG: Which was the toughest take?

Gay: The dunk. I kept on making it.

TPG: What’s the most interesting part about you?

Gay: I can do a mean rendition of Billie Jean. I was Michael for Halloween.

TPG: With the glove?

Gay: No I was Dirty Diana Michael.

TPG: Oh. Sorry.

[Awkward silence.]

TPG: Well … the point of the video is to get fans to vote. Why should America choose Rudy Gay?

Gay: I just feel like I’ve put a lot time in, a lot of effort in making this team better. Our goal is to make the playoffs.

TPG: That would be interesting.