Actress Elizabeth Banks, who has starred in sports movies such as "Invincible" and "Seabiscuit," is a big sports fan. Her Twitter account, @elizabethbanks includes thoughts about sports. She shared some others here with
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You were in "Invincible." Was that enough to turn you into an Eagles fan? Or had you already adopted the Eagles as your team having gone to college in Philadelphia at Penn? If not the Eagles, who is your favorite NFL team?

Banks: I have very fond memories of the Eagles from my experience with "Invincible" and my college days in Philadelphia. But I am a Massachusetts girl and a Pats fan. We'll see y'all in the Super Bowl. What do you do to stay in such great shape?

Banks: I work out with our trainer, Jocelynne Boschen of Alpha Sport LA, hike a lot, and eat healthy. I love cooking so prepare a lot of my own food and avoid processed foods. No fast food. No soda. Did starring in "Seabiscuit" make you a horse racing fan? Should horses be considered for Athlete of the Year awards along with people? Have you attended races like the Kentucky Derby and Breeders Cup?

Banks: My father is a huge horse racing fan so I was introduced to the sport long before "Seabiscuit". But the role made me an even bigger fan. Horse racing is one of my favorite sports. Although I've never made it to the Derby, my whole family loves the Breeder's Cup and witnessed both runs of the amazing Zenyatta who would get my vote for Athlete of the Year. You sat courtside at Madison Square Garden for the Knicks' home opener this season. Are you a big NBA fan? What's your team? Favorite players?

Banks: My husband is a diehard Portland Trail Blazer fan. The Blazers opened against the Knicks while we were in New York so we went. It was a great game. I like the NBA, but wouldn't describe myself as a huge fan. But in his day, I was a big Allen Iverson fan, I could listen to Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley all day, and of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that my heart goes out to Greg Oden. If you could attend only one sporting event in person in 2011, what would it be?

Banks: My favorite event each year is the Yankees-Red Sox series. Love seeing passions run hot among the fans, especially when both teams are in the running for the playoffs.