Michael Phelps' House

Twenty-eight Olympic medals can take up a lot of space. If you're Michael Phelps, it's easy to use that stockpile of precious metals as justification for upgrading to a larger house.

Turns out, Phelps was planning ahead -- last summer, he bought an Arizona home valued at $2.5 million. As the swimmer floats off into retirement, it's as good a time as any to take a peek at the place he'll be calling home for the foreseeable future.

'Retirement Community'

Michael Phelps' House

Phelps' new home, built in the Santa Barbara style, was a new construction when he purchased it last year.

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Room To Swim Laps In

Michael Phelps' House

Phelps' house features more than 6,000 square feet, more than enough to adequately house himself, his fiancee and their baby boy, Boomer.

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Float On

Michael Phelps' House

Of course an Olympic swimmer buys his own swimming pool -- and not a small one, either.

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Pool Party

Michael Phelps' House

There's also a hot tub and an outdoor grilling/BBQ area, for all of those awesome parties Phelps plans to throw. No word on whether Ryan Lochte will make an appearance.

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Inside And Out

Michael Phelps' House

An indoor rec room is built just off the patio, creating a multifunctional space that takes advantage of that great Arizona weather.

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Water Theme

Michael Phelps' House

According to The Arizona Republic, the outdoor patio is made from Concha Stone quarried from an ancient seabed.

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Natural Setting

Michael Phelps' House

Not pictured: Excellent views of Camelback Mountain, which is visible from Phelps' new property.

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Smart House

Michael Phelps' House

The house has also been wired for smart technology, making it a fully automated smart home.

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Fit For An Olympian

Michael Phelps' House

Phelps' sprawling master bedroom features a fireplace and quick access to the outdoors.

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Eat Your Heart Out

Michael Phelps' House

Vaulted ceilings make for an absolutely stunning gourmet kitchen, where the pool still commands the attention of diners, as you might have expected.

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Olympic-Sized Space

Michael Phelps' House

The open concept layout makes Phelps' home feel even bigger than it is -- and that's saying something.

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Southwestern Luxury

Michael Phelps' House

Phelps lives in Arizona in part due to his current role as an assistant swimming coach at Arizona State University.

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Deliciously Decadent

Michael Phelps' House

The backyard is also ripe with fruit plants: Orange, tangerine, lemon, lime, peach and apple trees line the perimeter of the backyard.

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Room To Grow

Michael Phelps' House

Only one thing can fill out the considerable space in this house: More siblings for Boomer.

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Hostest With The Mostest

Michael Phelps' House

With incredible entertaining rooms like this one, how could Phelps keep it all to himself? A house party is in order. A theme suggestion: Gold.

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