Iceland's national soccer team is the official darling of Euro 2016. A mostly unknown roster propelled itself to the group stage with an extra-time goal against Austria. The magic continued in the Round of 16, as Iceland upset mighty England, 2-1, on Monday.

Also rising to fame are Iceland's fans. Making the trip to France (Iceland is an island about equidistant from Newfoundland, Canada and Paris) requires a boat or plane, but the underdog supporters have been all over France. The nation's victory celebration slow clap is becoming legendary.

Here's the edition from the Austria game:

In terms of success, these are uncharcted waters for the island nation. Iceland has never made the World Cup and this year's European Championships are Iceland's first such appearance. The players and fans are running on straight adrenaline, and it is impressive.

The story gets better. The clap took to the streets of Iceland Monday night. During the summer, the sun does not set on the island until around midnight, so the party carried on long into the night.

This should get the world hyped about Iceland. Unfortunately for the squad, their quarterfinal match versus host nation France means Iceland's fans will be well outnumbered by the French. The two square off Sunday in Stade de France, the usual home of the France National Football Team, located in Saint-Denis, just north of Paris.

But if Iceland does win, that slow clap will be even more epic.

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