Heimir Hallgrimsson

Iceland's upset win over England also triggered the retirement of the Brits' coach, Roy Hodgson, he of the $4.8 million annual salary. That figure is stunning in its own right, given the recent failures of England's national soccer team.

It's even more mind-boggling when you learn that Iceland's co-coach, Heimir Hallgrimsson, also works part-time as a dentist.

Yes, even though he's busy leading the Icelandic national soccer team, Hallgrimmson hasn't given up his dentistry practice in the village where he lives. As he's climbed the ranks as a soccer coach, his time commitment in the dentist's office has been cut down.

But he'll still try to find days where he can come into the office and tend to the needs of his loyal customers -- assuming, of course, he isn't busy that day building an undersized soccer titan capable of hanging with some of Europe's best teams.

"I don't book appointments in advance," Hallgrimsson tells ESPN FC. "I'll just tell the girls in the office to fill the day, as there are a lot of people who will only have me working as their dentist."

Listen to that swagger. He knows he's good at what he does.

That's the kind of attitude you need to pull tiny Iceland shoulder-to-shoulder with the European giants. Keep fighting the good fight, Heimir Hallgrimsson, but don't let those dentistry tools turn rusty. Your country needs you -- as a soccer coach, and as a dentist.

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