College Football
Fan Loyalty

College football fans are loyal to their teams — rabidly loyal to their teams. Hyundai owners are also wildly loyal, driving the brand to #1 in loyalty (repeat buyers) five years in a row. ThePostGame partnered with Hyundai to weave these powerful narratives together into “The Loyalty Report,” a series that showcases loyalty in all its wonderful, unique, eye-popping, and rabid forms. From meeting the creator of the Texas Hook 'em Horns — to spending time within the original Michigan Superfan’s man cave — we go coast to coast to prove that loyalty runs deep. VERY deep!


  • Harley Clark, The Hook'em Horns Originator Now Playing
  • Taking It To The Big House Now Playing
  • Leigh Steinberg's Vivid Memories From Cal Now Playing
  • Rolling With Tide Fans
    In Tuscaloosa
    Now Playing
  • In The Swamp
    With The Florida Gators
    Now Playing
  • Badgers Fan Turns School Spirit Into A Business Now Playing
  • Getting Heated
    With Sun Devils Fans
    Now Playing
  • The Original Michigan Wolverines Super Fan Now Playing
  • When The Crimson Tide
    Serves As Your Muse
    Now Playing
  • Chowing Down
    With The Texas Longhorns
    Now Playing
  • Long-Distance Dedication:
    A SoCal Hokie
    Now Playing
  • A Dawg-gone Good Time
    In Athens
    Now Playing
  • On The Quack Attack Now Playing
  • ASU's Big 'E' Now Playing
  • Mad About Madison Now Playing
  • Timothy Craig,
    The Gator Guitarist
    Now Playing
  • The Official Unofficial Oregon Football Historian Now Playing
  • Rockin' With Rocky Top Now Playing
  • How It All Started
    For The B.C. Super Fans
    Now Playing
  • Hugging It Out
    With The Cal Golden Bears
    Now Playing
  • Visiting Hokie Nation Now Playing
  • An Aussie Vols Fan Now Playing
  • Flying High
    In Chestnut Hill
    Now Playing
  • Cat Fight In Tucson Now Playing
  • Meet The Wilbur T. Wildcat Now Playing