Super Sunday is always my favorite day. Lots of good food, beer, drinks, and football! The Super Bowl is also about getting together with your friends, family, people you don’t know, people you may not see again, all joining together like it’s Sunday mass, but with booze and food. So let loose, have fun, party on. I have devised some fun little drinking games for football and non-football fans to make the game all that more enjoyable. But be careful or this Super Bowl won’t be one to remember -- literally. And please have a designated driver or designated couch available for post-game.

• During the Christina Aguilera national anthem, drink every time you hear the word “the.” Drink again each time she needlessly extends a syllable. And again each time she wiggles her pinkie as she holds the mike.

• If any planes fly over at the start of the game, you drink the same number as the number of planes.

• During the coin toss, you must flip a coin at the same time. Whoever matches the actual game coin toss doesn’t have to drink. The rest do. If no one gets it right, everyone drinks.

• Every time you see a fan waving a Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel, you must make one of your buddies take a shot of something terrible.

• Every time a Green Bay Packers Cheesehead is shown in the crowd, you must down a gulp of wine with a bite of cheese.

• If any Packer does the Lambeau Leap during the game, you must chug your drink and then do a couch jump onto someone at the party.

• Every time there is a sack, take down a drink.

• If either quarterback goes to shotgun formation during the game, you must shotgun a beer.

• For every touchdown scored, do a waterfall with your friends.

• At the end of each quarter, you must play a game of quarters.

• If Steelers receiver Hines Ward is penalized, you must penalize one of your friends with a shot. In fact, do two for him and one for every other penalty in the game.

• During the commercial breaks, duct tape a beer to your buddy’s hands and tell him he can’t use the bathroom until he downs it.

• If Troy Polamalu makes a tackle, drink while playing with someone’s long hair.

• If Donald Driver catches a pass, drink a screwdriver.

• Every time there is an official’s replay, drink twice.

• If Fergie exposes herself like Janet Jackson during the halftime show, you must drink. And if you rewind it on your DVR, repeat each time.

• If there are any pyrotechnics during the halftime show or before the game, drink a flaming Dr Pepper.

• If any athlete appears in a commercial, you must drink.

• Every time Fox promotes itself, drink.

• If Brett Favre is shown or mentioned, drink and text someone to do the same.

• If there is a missed field goal, do a minefield of shots with some vodka shots and some water shots, without you knowing which is which. Do you go wide right? Wide left? Or down the middle? Your call.

• Drink one for the winners of the game, two for the losers, and three for the heck of it.

Have a fun and safe Super Bowl, and feel free to blame me if you have to take work off on Monday.

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