Zygi Wilf isn't just the owner of the Minnesota Vikings. He also loves movies and is the executive producer of the hottest film at this week's Sundance Film Festival. "Like Crazy" was the first movie of the festival to nab a deal, as Paramount Pictures snapped up the film for a guaranteed $4 million after competing all Saturday night and Sunday morning against at least four other major offers.

Directed by Drake Doremus and produced by Jonathan Schwartz of Super Crispy Entertainment, the film has received unanimously great reviews. Compared favorably to past Sundance movies such as "500 Days of Summer" and "Blue Valentine," "Like Crazy" should hit theaters across the country late summer or early fall.

Among its cast of brilliant young actors is Jennifer Lawrence, who received a Best Actress Oscar nomination this week for her performance in "Winter's Bone." And don't worry: Brett Favre is not in the movie.