Abby Wambach

After Abby Wambach was arrested and charged with DUI arrest last weekend in Portland, Oregon, her hometown paper in New York obtained court papers revealing that the former star soccer admitted to use of marijuana and cocaine early during her professional career.

According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Wambach first tried marijuana "by the age of 24." When she was 25, she tried cocaine for the first time. Wambach stated, however, that she does not currently use marijuana.

According to the documents, police asked Wambach, 35, to specify her drug use history across several other categories. She indicates that she has never tried heroin or meth, has never abused prescription meds, and drinks alcohol weekly.

Wambach entered a not guilty plea through her lawyer at the initial court proceedings, but her public statements seem to take the blame for her actions -- and the Democrat and Chronicle notes that a not guilty plea can always be switched later, depending on plea deals and other arrangements made outside of court.

As a first-time offender, Wambach is likely to face a much lesser punishment for her misdemeanor crime, along with participation in a diversion program.

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