Matt Barnes, Dave Joerger, John Henson

John Henson was hyped. His Bucks were closing in on a home victory against a legitimate Western Conference playoff team, the Memphis Grizzlies, while keeping pace in the Eastern Conference playoff race. When a Grizzlies player drove the lane with five seconds left, Henson celebrated with a southpaw swat.

But the 25-year-old may have been too excited. He did not consider the victim of his rejection: Matt Barnes. The 36-year-old bad boy was not impressed. He followed Henson into the locker room.

Gus Johnson -- who yes, as sad as it is, due to contracts, is calling Milwaukee Bucks games instead of the NCAA Tournament -- foreshadows the incident, joking, "I'll meet you in the locker room after the game."

The Bucks seem to have sent Henson to the locker room to avoid escalating things at the end of the game. But it wasn't enough to stop Matt Barnes. Remember, this man tracked down Derek Fisher, who is dating his ex-wife, and confronted him at a party.

Earlier this year, he also claimed to have a romantic connection with Rihanna. She denied his story.

Barnes, who is counseled by Grizzlies head coach Dave Joerger and the officiating crew, bolts for the locker room tunnel when no one is paying attention. The look on Barnes' face says, "I just want to talk to this kid and explain the value of respecting his elders. As long as he listens to that, I won't go Derek Fisher-level on him."

Also, Jason Kidd looks petrified.

Apparently Barnes got close to Henson, but never quite reached him.

When talking to reporters after the game, Henson reportedly had no idea Barnes even came after him.

Both went their separate ways after all was said and done.

Barnes served a two-game suspension earlier this year for his altercation with Fisher. No stranger to the league's disciplinary policies, Barnes should expect a letter from the commissioner in the near future.

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