Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles has no chill for St. Louis, and it's not trying to hide it.

L.A. isn't known as the City of Humility. You can't blame St. Louis citizens for being upset that their team abandoned them to return home to Los Angeles. There's no reason to rub salt in open wounds.

The billboard's creator, Popular Demand, is a Los Angeles-based retailer. Apparently, the brand's marketing team is smart enough to use yellow and blue, the Rams' colors for much of its first Los Angeles stint.

The Rams will play seven of their eight 2016 home games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, as the team's future Inglewood stadium is slotted to be ready by 2019. The Rams will play one home game against the New York Giants in London. The 2016 NFL schedule has yet to be released.

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