Scott Sterling

Scott Sterling is a fictional hero, but his message rings true. Concussions cannot be ignored.

Studio C, a sketch comedy group based in Utah, created Sterling in Nov. 2014. In his first clip, "Top Soccer Shootout Ever with Scott Sterling," Sterling, a goalkeeper played by actor Matt Meese, gets drilled in the head on every penalty shot. Despite obvious concussion signs, his teammates, coaches and trainers keep sending him back out for more.

That video garnered 3 million views in 48 hours, and it now is closing in on 40 million all-time.

On Monday, Sterling returned to action -- this time, as a volleyball libero.

Sterling takes a series of spikes to the face, but his head-blocking ability never fails him. He can barely stand-up and appears unsure of his surroundings, but his team (Yale in both videos) keeps throwing him into the fire. They then treat him like a hero, even if he will not remember the situation.

"Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling" has already reached 3.6 million views in two days.

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