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Sepp Blatter may have been banned by FIFA for eight years, but he's not walking away empty-handed -- he's still getting all of the salary he would have earned as acting president.

Blatter was first suspended for 90 days by FIFA, pending an investigation by the ethics committee. The committee's findings, which included a banned $2 million payment Blatter had approved, led to the longer eight-year penalty.

But because there is no other president in place, Blatter is still drawing a paycheck, according to a report from Reuters. That will continue until February 26, when a new president will be elected.

Apparently FIFA's Audit and Compliance Committee looked into withholding Blatter's salary. But the organization's by-laws prevented such a measure. FIFA has been able, however, to stop payments of his bonuses.

"Until the election of a new president on February 26, Mr. Blatter is the elected president and therefore -- according to his contract -- is entitled to receive his remuneration," said a FIFA spokesman to Reuters.

So how much cash is Blatter pocketing? Nobody knows. FIFA's salaries are withheld from the public, although there are ongoing efforts within the organization to publicly disclose individual compensation.

It's also unclear what percentage of his overall income came from bonuses. But while Blatter gets richer, times aren't as great for FIFA's bank account: Thanks largely to its ongoing corruption scandal, the organization suffered a net loss in 2015, the first since 2001.

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