Alabama Crimson Tide

Jeopardy! champions are some of the smartest people in the United States. But somewhere in reigning champion Terry's studies, he missed this:

The clue is "Crimson Tide." Terry answers, "What is Auburn?"

In the words of Alex Trebek, "No."

This is the greatest Alabama-Auburn mixup since Katherine Webb fell for AJ McCarron.

Trebek says, "Terry's going to hear it from the University of Alabama," which is essentially the host telling Terry he just whiffed on a softball question and lost the trust of America.

Even more embarrassing: This is the $200 question. Who knows what he answered when the $1000 clue was "Leathernecks" (we have no idea what the actual $1000 clue was, but the answer to that mock clue is "What is Western Illinois?")?

The least Terry can do is say "Roll Tide" next Monday when Alabama takes on Clemson in the National Championship Game.

Chris Fowler, who will be calling that game, voiced his opinion:

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