By now, the whole football world should know Cam Newton's touchdown tradition. The MVP candidate has a habit of handing touchdown balls to kids in the stands. It's a selfless move that makes one of the NFL's most exciting players an even more likable character.

Field judge No. 67, identified as Doug Rosenbaum, must have gone out of his way to avoid learning Newton's "Sunday Giveaway" ritual. When Newton threw a touchdown pass to Ted Ginn, Jr. in the third quarter Sunday, Ginn left the ball in the end zone. Rosenbaum picked up the ball, and when Newton attempted to retrieve it, Rosenbaum refused to hand it to the quarterback.

Newton is persistent, following the referee until he hands the pigskin to a ball boy. He then hands it to a Panthers fan displaced in New Orleans for the afternoon.

When Ginn scored later in the game, he did not put things in the official's hands.

The Panthers won, 41-38, to go to 12-0. Newton has 2,797 passing yards, 25 passing touchdowns, 476 rushing yards and seven rushing touchdowns this season.

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