Sepp Blatter

The heat is turning up on Sepp Blatter, and he's crackling like popcorn. Already suspended from his position as FIFA's president, Blatter is now set to face the organization's Ethics Committee regarding an alleged payment to Michel Platini that has become the focus of a criminal investigation in Switzerland.

Blatter is outraged by this development, despite being the president who over saw the establishment of the Ethics Committee -- a committee formed for precisely this purpose. It's possible Blatter could be hit with a lifetime ban from FIFA and soccer, and before any decisions are made regarding the Swiss investigation.

Naturally, Blatter is outraged and lashing out. He broke the terms of his current suspension by sending a letter to all 209 member nations of FIFA, professing his innocence and blasting the Ethics Committee's process.

"These proceedings remind me of the Spanish Inquisition," Blatter writes.

The full text of the letter:

The Spanish Inquisition, for those who don't know, was a system established to combat heresy over several centuries in Spain, and resulted in the persecution and brutal murders of thousands of individuals, many of them Jews.

Its the perfect metaphor for Blatter's current blight. Of course those medieval heretics were just like this old, bigoted rich man whose lust for corruption has finally brought him down! Why didn't we see it sooner?

Many might be happy to see Blatter burned at the stake, but they'll have to settle for a possible ban from FIFA, and the prospect of jail time down the road. Fortunately, both of those outcomes look increasingly likely to happen.

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