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Issa Hayatou is between a rock and a hard place. Yes, he's enjoying some welcome media attention as the acting president of FIFA, meaning he will lead the organization in its first steps away from operating as a front for organized crime. It's an exciting venture, but it comes with intense media scrutiny.

Meanwhile, Hayatou is coming face to face with the underwhelming realities of his job, which involve sitting at the front of an assembly and listening to tedious conversations related to that impending reform. It's enough to make a man fall asleep at the wheel, which is what Hayatou does, more or less.

Unfortunately, the world's cameras were rolling. Hayatou clearly finds himself in a battle with consciousness, his head bobbing and his eyelids dropping for quite a long time.

Hayatou remains interim president amid a fresh wave of arrests in Switzerland, which have further depleted the number of FIFA executive committee members who have no ties to alleged fraud in the organization.

Hayatou was not among those arrested, and has not been formally connected to any acts of fraud. The International Olympic Committee issued a reprimand in 2011 regarding a list of fraudulent payments to various authorities, which featured Hayatou's name, but that's the extent of any ties between the Cameroonian executive and any wrongdoing.

Hayatou has maintained his innocence throughout the investigations of FIFA. Unfortunately, given FIFA's track record, he'll remain a person of interest until the investigation is concluded.

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