Pittsburgh Police Officer Slams Cubs Fan

Pittsburgh Pirates fans are trying to put the team's disappointing end to the 2015 season behind them. A new video is going to make it linger.

Footage surfaced Sunday showing a Cubs fan -- in goat headgear -- being asked to leave PNC Park, where the Cubs beat the Pirates 4-0 in the NL Wild Card Game last Wednesday. The fan asks the officer, "Can I talk to you?" The police officer appears to tighten a chokehold on the fan, who exclaims, "Stop it!"

A bystander tapes the interaction on a cell phone, but a voice yells, "Put the phone down!" The videographer takes a brief stumble before resuming to shoot the video that shows the Cubs fan getting slammed to the ground by the officer.

Although the reason for the incident is still unknown, the Cubs fan in the video does not appear to pose a threat while getting choked and body slammed.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto asked the city's Office of Municipal Investigations to conduct an internal investigation, according to an email sent by Pittsburgh Police Spokesperson Sonya Toler to NBC Chicago.

The Cubs' win ended the Pirates' season after 98 victories, the franchise's highest total since 1991. The Cubs have since gone up 2-1 in their NLDS series against another NL Central team, the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Curse of the Billy Goat is often cited as a reason why the Cubs haven't reached the World Series since 1945. This explains the headgear.

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