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Ari Schultz

The video of 5-year-old Boston sports fan and heart-transplant recipient Ari Schultz has gone viral, and you'll understand why when you watch it. After 189 days at Boston Children's Hospital, Ari was released June 16. 

In the video, he talks about what he wants to do when he gets out of the hospital, namely going to a baseball game to watch his favorite team, the Red Sox.

Ari has had around 20 surgeries, including some before he was born, and part of what has helped him through everything is his love of sports -- especially Boston sports.


After seeing the video, fellow Red Sox fan Pete Frates, the creator of the Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS research, invited Ari to a game at Fenway. Then Red Sox president Sam Kennedy invited the two of them to join him for a game.

His favorite player, Xander Bogaerts, saw the video and was very excited to see that there are fans he has been able to impact so much. He is looking forward to welcoming Ari to the stadium.

Based on some of their tweets, it is safe to say the Red Sox' entire organization is as excited as Ari is to have him at Fenway supporting the team.