LeBron James, Hamilton

LeBron James' basketball career is an epic. From his AAU days with the "Fab Four" to his nationally-televised high school career at St. Vincent's-St. Mary's to his first stint with his hometown Cavs to his four years of "college" in Miami to his championship return to Cleveland, James' career has been a thrilling script. And the reigning NBA Finals MVP still has chapters to write.

The mega-documentary will come one day. But that day is still far from now. For the time being, let's live in the moment and enjoy this "Hamilton" parody of James' career.

"LeBron: The Musical" was produced by Dose, to the sound of "Alexander Hamilton," the opening number in "Hamilton."

Stephen Curry, Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving and Chris Bosh all make appearances. Check out the script:

Take a bow for this one.

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