Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn was all too eager to take a ride on New York Harbor with Oracle Team USA, the winners of last year's America's Cup.

There was only one condition. "If I go on, I don't want to just sit there," she said, according to Red Bull.

In the end, Vonn did everything but sit: She got her hands dirty and helped out the team, eventually accepting posts at various points around the boat. She also managed to have a little fun, bending over the edge of the boat while the rest of the team kept the ship straight.

"I was nervous because I did not want to mess up," Vonn told Red Bull. "But then as I got comfortable, I started asking to do more things to challenge myself. I got to do some grinding and I put the foils down. You can tell visually that you are rising out of the water on the foils. An incredible experience."

See for yourself in this new video from Red Bull:

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