Stunt Driving

Seven, soon to be eight, installments later, people still aren't tired of the Fast and the Furious movie franchise. And why would they? If you love cars, and you love car racing, and you love car racing stunts, there's no limit to the fun you can have, so long as the movie's creators can keep coming up with inventive tricks to keep people tuned in.

Here's the beautiful thing about racing stunts: Professional drivers can do a hell of a lot before resorting to CGI. I mean, Fast and the Furious 7 literally dropped a car from an airplane for one of its stunts.

In the following video, there is no car freefalling from 10,000 feet. But that doesn't diminish the insane stunts these drivers pull off in the streets of Dubai. You won't believe your eyes:

That airplane stunt. Are you kidding me? Meanwhile, the video does a great job of showcasing Dubai's beauty/excesses as a backdrop to equally beautiful, excessive car stunts.

I'm not a car guy, but that was awesome.

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