Richard Dorman

No one can resist the pull of a bathtub setting a land-speed world record. That's what you'll find in the video below, where a wind-propelled tub tops out at 49 miles per hour while cruising along a beach in Wales.

The vehicle, designed by inventor Richard Dorman, consists of nothing more than three wheels and a sail attached to a bathtub. But the results were stunning: With a windy storm coming ashore, Dorman brought out his new toy and recorded its record-setting ride, shattering the previous bathtub record of 42.25 miles per hour.

GPS devices were used to calculate the bathtub's top speed.

"I wanted to go faster than any bath in the world and attempt to break the 50 mph using only wind," Dorman told The Daily Mail. "Anyone could put a big engine onto the back of the bath and beat the current record. But where's the beauty in that?"

Because his voyage occurred without any witnesses, Dorman isn't eligible for any official distinctions, such as the Guinness World Record. But he does have the personal satisfaction of this landmark achievement, which he settled on after passing over a similar experiment.

"I did ponder the world's fastest coffin as that's surely the right shape," Dorman said, "but doubts crept in about tempting fate."

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