Skier Misses Drone

Marcel Hischer came in second place in the slalom at the Skiing World Cup in Italy. But what he'll probably remember most is how a drone nearly crashed into him during one of his runs down the mountain.

Footage from the event shows the drone crashing down onto the ski hill just as Hirscher passes. Had he been traveling just a split second slower, he might have suffered a serious injury, not to mention been unable to finish competing.

Hirscher didn't mince words when asked about the drone encounter.

"This is horrible," he told The Associated Press. "This can never happen again. This can be a serious injury."

As drones become more commonplace, their presence at public events -- especially sports games -- is one requiring even greater attention and regulation. Hirscher was fortunate to escape unharmed and without any interference on the course, but he easily could have faced a much worse fate.

Hirscher had fun with an Instagram post commemorating the event:

Heavy air traffic in Italy #crazy #drone #crash #luckyme

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