Jetpacks aren't just a real-life thing -- they're ridiculously serious vehicles. Granted, many of us didn't realize this until a new video showed two people in jetpacks chasing down a commercial airplane in Dubai.

The video is clearly a promotional piece for Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, and XDubai, an action-adventure company providing adrenaline-pumping experiences to anyone whose willing to pay for it.

If you have any skepticism about what that company's jetpacks can do, watch the video down below and prepare a heartfelt apology.

Throw in some stunning aeriel views of Dubai below, and all the other tourist trappings found in the Middle Eastern city, and this seems like a can't-lose excursion, provided you don't have a fear of heights or, say, concerns about getting swallowed up into a jet turbine.

Jetpacking is as serious as you ever dreamed it could be. When you're able to chase down an Airbus and do stunts alongside it, you can't ask for too much more.

Except: How high can these things go?

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