Bryce Harper

After his Washington Nationals were swept out of Chicago on Sunday, Bryce Harper wasn't content to wallow in his own sorrow. He was in a giving mood -- and when he saw a homeless woman under a tree across the street, he decided to do something to help her out.

According to an eyewitness report, Harper jumped out of the team bus after the game and delivered a jar full of money to the homeless woman. The incident was documented on Facebook by a part-time Cubs employee.

"That woman's face lit up so brightly & she couldn't believe it!" writes Asheley Marie. "I couldn't help but give him knucks as he got back on the bus & told him he was a good man.

"He gave them back with a smile & a big thank you! Nationals or not...that was incredible to witness!"

The Nationals' beat reporter for The Washington Post later confirmed the charitable act:

This doesn't explain where the jar of money came from, but it's a heartwarming story nonetheless, brought to you by one of Major League Baseball's most polarizing stars.

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