Daniel Lara

Damn, Daniel, you're actually a really nice guy.

Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz became viral stars after they strung together clips of Lara walking around the Riverside Polytechnic High School campus in sneakers, commonly white Vans. Holz's signature line is "Damn, Daniel."

Lara, 14, and Holz, 16, posted their video as a joke, but they soon rose to worldwide fame. They also now have the influence to give back. On Wednesday, the duo visited Loma Linda University Children's Hospital to hang with fellow teens.

"We thought it was important to do some charity work and give back to the local community," Lara told the Los Angeles Daily News. "We're enjoying it. We're enjoying being here. This is a great experience."

"This is our community and we want to help out in any way we can," Holz adds.

The viral stars came with gifts from Vans. The company donated 100 pairs of shoes to the patients, along with pull-string bags, socks, trucker-style hats and stickers. Vans representatives were on the scene packing bags, and Lara and Holz distributed the gifts.

"I am so happy. This is the best day of my life," said 13-year-old Johnathan Robinson-Joye. "I can't wait to tell my family that I met Daniel, sucka."

According to the hospital, the day's activities were the idea of the Lara and Holz, not the hospital or any charitable organization.

"It's amazing that kids ages 14 and 16 would think of the Children's Hospital and give back to the community at such a young age," said Sherry Nolfe, executive director of LLUCH. "To have that instilled in them is amazing, and we are very grateful for their visit."

Lara and Holz patiently took photos with the patients and signed autographs. Of course, some patients asked to take Snapchats of Daniel.

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