Peyton Barber

Peyton Barber isn't your typical early entrant into the NFL Draft. The Auburn running back began the season third on the team's depth chart.

He did have a breakout year, claiming the starting job and rushing for over 1,000 yards, along with 13 touchdowns. Still, he has the typical resume of a player who could benefit a ton from one more year in school.

But Barber declared for the NFL Draft anyway. And no, this isn't a case where a player thinks he's better than he is, or is all-too-eager to cash checks and live that pro athlete life.

Barber's motivation is pure, and touching. His mom is currently homeless.

Barber is currently slated as a fourth-to-sixth round draft pick. That's far from a guaranteed NFL career, but Barber is also carrying extra motivation on his shoulders.

No football fan can help but root for Barber now. Even if he catches on earning the rookie minimum at the bottom of some team's depth chart, he'll be making a world of difference to his mom.

Here's hoping things work out.

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