Murtaza Ahmadi

Soccer truly is the world's sport. That was apparent when a photo surfaced of a young Afghani boy wearing a Lionel Messi jersey he had made from a plastic bag.

The picture went viral on Twitter, and Messi's representative set to work trying to find him:

That mission was a success: Murtaza Ahmadi was found, and Messi was eager to give him an incredible gift: A real Messi jersey, featuring the blue-and-white stripes of the Argentine national team.

The jersey was even signed, as was a soccer ball gifted to the boy.

"I love Messi and my shirt says Messi loves me," says the five-year-old, according to a post on UNICEF's Facebook page.

When you're resourceful as that little guy was, you deserve the world's attention. Maybe Messi's gift will insipre Ahmadi to become a great soccer player himself.

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