Stephen Curry and Bob McKillop

Stephen Curry has always been a great shot, but no one saw him coming as far as he did. In fact, his own parents didn't see an NBA future for their son until his sophomore year at Davidson.

Curry, of course, became a legend at Davidson, and as a professional has somehow become even more dominant. On Tuesday, Curry gave much of that credit to his college coach, Bob McKillop.

Speaking at the Coaching Corps Game Changer awards gala in San Francisco, the Warriors star conceded that he didn't have the look of a great NBA player. Instead, great coaching and mentorship turned him into one.

He thanked McKillop for giving a scholarship to "a scrawny kid who looked like he was 12 years old," according to USA Today.

Funny joke, sure. But have you seen Curry alongside other NBA players? He still looks like a boy upon men.

The only difference is, no one's better than him.

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