Tom Gores

As the city of Flint, Michigan, continues to grapple with the reality that its water supply is poisoned with dangerous amounts of lead, a variety of government and private relief efforts are trying to help citizens gain access to necessary water supplies.

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores is now at the forefront of that effort. Gores has announced a campaign to bring in $10 million for Flint, which can go toward providing safe drinking water to its residents.

Gores is hopeful that a combination of short- and long-term solutions can be spearheaded through these relief funds.

"The issues facing Flint won't be solved solely through government intervention and emergency support," Mr. Gores said in a statement through the Pistons website. "The private sector needs to play role here, and I am committed to helping drive that effort. I grew up in Flint, my family has strong roots there, and I believe in the people who live there."

In addition to financial support, Gores as assembled a task force designed to seek out additional resources for relief, as well as associations with businesses across the country to strengthen advocacy and support for the city of Flint.

At such a difficult time for the city, it's great to Gores stepping up and leading the rebuilding effort.

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