If character is measured by what you do when you don't think anyone is watching, Trevone Boykin is full of it. As Paul Moseley, a staff photographer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram witnessed, Boykin is a young man with plenty of consideration with others -- and a sharp awareness of his power as a role model, even seconds before taking the field.

In a Facebook post, Moseley describes what he saw just before kickoff at TCU's road game at Iowa State:

Trevone Boykin

"So I hustle out to mid-field for the TCU Iowa State coin toss," Moseley writes. "The TCU captains are there plus a special guest of Iowa State, a little girl in a wheelchair. They toss the coin, all the players come over to see the girl, but one player, TCU QB Trevor Boykin, took the time to kneel down and I hear him say, 'What's your name?'

"I was incredibly touched. Who but a true champion does that just minutes before a big game?"

The encounter didn't hurt Boykin's peformance -- he overwhelmed the Cyclones for 436 yards and four touchdowns.

If he keeps his name in the Heisman race entering November, expect stories like this to gain much more traction as the narrative around Boykin starts to build traction. He's just the sort of role model fans want to support, and he's a great representative for college athletics.

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