Marlins Man

Marlins Man is known for spending money. The 59-year-old North Miami Beach lawyer has a lot of it, and mostly spends it on himself.

"I never had any kids, nor have any wife ... You don't have to pay for a wife and kids, so you have money in the bank," he said during last year's World Series.

Laurence Leavy, as his birth certificate says, has become a folk hero to sports fans over the last few years. During the 2012 NBA Playoffs, Marlins Man's orange Marlins jersey shined in a sea of white shirts in American Airlines Arena. Since then, Marlins Man's lore has taken off, attending a plethora of important NBA and MLB Postseason affairs, as well as horse races and other important sporting events.

This October, Marlins Man finds himself in Kansas City for a second straight year. The defending American League champions are now one win away from back-to-back World Series appearances.

This year, Marlins Man, who almost always sits in the front row, is spending his money differently in Kansas City. After hearing the stories of John Mesh and Larry Leggio, two Kansas City firefighters who lost their lives last week in the line of duty, Marlins Man donated $10,000 to the victims' families.

The Marlin Man has donated $10K to the families of FFs Leggio and Mesh

Posted by IAFF 2nd District on Saturday, October 17, 2015

The funds came out of Marlins Man's planned trip to attend a Mets-Dodgers NLDS came. Keep in mind Marlins Man estimates he spends 300 days per year traveling to sporting events. He does not cancel plans easily.

In his trip to Kansas City last week (assuming the Royals make the World Series, he will still make 1-3 trips to Missouri), Marlins Man also visited an animal shelter.

"I'm happy when other people are happy," Marlins Man says. "And I feel like I've finally found my place in life."

Marlins Man, who has over 40,000 Twitter followers, traveled to Chicago on Tuesday for the Cubs-Mets series as opposed to Toronto for Royals-Blue Jays. But he brought Kansas City with him.

He also gave the Royals' hometown a shout-out during Cubs-Mets Game 2 in New York.

Marlins Man's unselfishness goes beyond Kansas City. He says such bad news as the Ferguson riots, missing Malaysian flight and shooting at the Canadian parliament inspired him to share his love of sports. Marlins Man buys extra tickets for nearly every sporting event, and he claims 507 strangers have accompanied him to MLB games in 2015 alone. They leave "friends and followers."

During last year's World Series, the Royals offered Marlins Man a private suite if he and his orange jersey would move from the front row of Kauffman Stadium. He refused after paying $8,000 for the Game 1 ticket.

Times have changed in a year. Now, Laurence Leavy has embraced Kansas City, and the city has embraced him.

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