Daniel Tosh

Comedian Daniel Tosh does a lot of quirky stuff. His black comedy is beloved by some and despised by others.

This week, Tosh put his jocular powers to good use. He raised over $45,000 for fellow comedian Andy Ritchie, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor this year.

Tosh auctioned off memorabilia from his TV program, Tosh.0, accumulating approximately $25,000. He then went to the Las Vegas Strip and bet the money on the Patriots to cover the 3.5-point halftime spread against the Dolphins.

Tosh grew up in Titusville, Florida, and is a die-hard Dolphins fan. "Never bet with your heart," he said. "It's bad luck."

Jokes aside, the line was incredibly forgiving. The Patriots are the defending Super Bowl champs and came into the night 21-4 over the past two seasons. New England has only lost once at home since the start of 2013, and that came in a meaningless regular-season finale in 2014. The Dolphins' 44-26 shellacking of the Texans last week moved the line, but Tosh kept his sanity.

"This is a can't-lose," Tosh said. "If my Dolphins are winning, I'm happy. If they're losing, Andy gets some much-needed help. If the Dolphins are only losing by three points, there is no God. So please, Tom Brady, once in your life, you and Bill [Belichick] use your shady, dishonest cheating powers for good in the first half only. In the second half, I hope you get the s*** kicked out of you."

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Tosh got his first half wish, as the Patriots led 19-0 at halftime. However, New England didn't let up and squashed Miami, 36-7.

Ritchie gets more than $45,000. Tosh makes it clear this is not enough to cover the total medical costs, and he directs his fans to a GoFundMe page to provide additional support.

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