Go Cubs Go

Cubs fans haven't seen their team win a World Series in 108 years. They also haven't been able to justify doing this for 108 years.

That is a Halloween light show to the tune of "Go Cubs Go." According to NBC 5 Chicago, this masterpiece is the work of a Nebraska couple named Paul and Sabrina Glozeris.

"When we bought our own house, we wanted to have a cool Halloween display," Sabrina says. "As for the Cubs song, Paul started it last year but didn't finish it. I asked him if he could do 'Go, Cubs, Go' if they went to the World Series, so he was able to use what we had to finish it.

"At first, it took him a few weeks to put together a song. Now, with practice and new software, it takes a few hours. The video can take a while. Sometimes he's been shooting and a neighbor will come by to see and stand in front of the camera."

Sure, a pumpkin singing is kind of creepy, but if the Cubs win the World Series, no one will care and this will be awesome. If the Cubs lose the World Series -- possibly right around the actual day of Halloween -- this light show could get awkward fast.

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