Gabrielle Reece

After a recent knee surgery, Gabrielle Reece stepped on the scale and was stunned by what she saw: She clocked in at 160 pounds -- 15 pounds less than her pre-surgery weight.

For some women, that weight loss would be thrilling. For Reece, it was frustrating: The weight loss meant lost muscle mass, which would take a lot of work and effort to regain.

Her 12-year-old daughter, meanwhile, stepped on the scale and saw something similar: She registered at 162 pounds. But she wasn't disappointed to weigh more than her mother. Rather, she was thrilled by what that meant for her athleticism and health.

In a video posted to her Facebook page, Reece discusses this moment with her daughter and the lesson she carried away from it:

"Some of us are bigger, some of us are smaller," Reece says. "The point is, we give so much [emphasis] to the scale, when we should be giving it to, 'How do we feel? Are we our own personal best?' And not worry about comparing or worrying about the scale."

Reece's comments on female body image are just the latest in an ongoing dialogue about the unfair expectations women face about their bodies, and the importance of emphasizing health and confidence over looks and numbers.

After all, her daughter -- who is an aspiring athlete in her own right -- understands the benefits of living at a healthy weight. Hopefully other young girls can follow this lead.

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