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The ongoing Stephen Curry NBA 2K16 saga continues, as video game developers wrestle with the fact Curry defies all virtual basketball laws. In real life, he makes the sort of ridiculous, off-balance bombs NBA 2K tries to train its users not to take.

On Thursday, a new NBA 2K16 update lifted Curry's overall rating to 98. This leaves him behind only one player in the game: 1995-96 Michael Jordan.

Curry started this season as a 93 overall, second among active players behind LeBron James' 94 rating. By the first week of November, Curry caught James at 94.

In the simplest terms, NBA 2K believes that Stephen Curry has more personal skill in his 2015-16 campaign than any player in NBA history outside of Michael Jordan in 1995-96. Curry's latest victims were peak Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and James. This also means the game considers Curry's current season stronger than any season produced by Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Kobe Bryant, etc.

Curry's ratings for standing and moving three-pointers were already at 99, so he had already peaked behind the three-point line. Now, other skills have been boosted.

As it stands, 1995-96 Jordan leads Curry 24-9-9 in the game's 42 categories. Curry still has 16 games and the playoffs to make his move. He can potentially be the greatest basketball video game player of all-time.

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