Star Wars Movie Poster

Star Wars fans have been losing their minds over the lead-up to the release of the series' seventh movie. One fan with access to a local news broadcast used his role as an anchor to put together a memorable stunt.

Wes Blankenship of WMAZ in Macon decided to challenge himself: During his recap of the Atlanta Falcons game later that evening, he would insert one Star Wars reference for every point the team scored. Atlanta beat the Jaguars, 23-17, which meant Blankenship had to pack 23 references into his two-minute recap.

His video clip hit the Internet and quickly went viral, getting plugged by the Falcons' official Twitter account and reported on from places as far away as Australia. Unfortunately, Blankenship's employer, WMAZ, decided to take the video down Monday afternoon, but not before fans of his segment could write down all of his references.

And kudos to Blankenship: Not only did he hit his goal of 23, but he threw in a couple bonus references to round out his total to 25. Some of the highlights:

-- "Devonta Freeman will take this toss and make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs."
-- "Ewoks, no, he dives into the end zone"
-- "You were a Wookiee just a year ago."
-- "He intercepts it with just a hand solo."
-- "These are not the points you are looking for."
-- "Don't get cocky, kid."
-- "The Falcons just Obi won a game for the first time since October 25th."
-- "Blake Bortles sees the Falcons' defense become more powerful than he could possibly imagine."
-- "Kyle Shanahan thinks this offense is fully operational."

For the moment, this version of the video is available:

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