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Mike Tyson has already proven he's good for a chuckle or two. The once-fierce boxer has softened in retirement, taking on a comedic role in The Hangover and being unafraid to show his clumsy side on social media.

But there's nothing in his portfolio that can top this: A video of Tyson falling on his back while attempting to ride a hoverboard.

Tyson is a father, after all, and like any parent, he is destined to serve as an embarrassment to his daughter. In the video posted to Instagram, he assumes control of her metallic pink hoverboard and tries to show her how it's done.

That's when technology KO's the champ.

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"Seemed like a good idea to ride my daughter #milantyson #cyboard #hoverboard but guess not," Tyson wrote on Instagram. He also asked the board's manufacturer about getting his daughter a replacement, since his fall cracked the board's exterior.

Down goes the champ. But at least he got back up.

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